Clue for Your Small Business

Get a Clue into your contracts to empower the decision making process.

Empower Your Small Business with Clue

Discover how Clue’s monthly subscription can revolutionize your business. Explore the key benefits below:

Clues on Contracts Every Month

Clue offers Small Business just like yours a monthly flat fee to run all your Bids, RFPs, Enterprise Deals, Non-Competes, NDAs, Master Services Agreements, SOPs, Supplier Contracts, Customer Agreements, Employee Offer Letters and more at one great low price.

Flat Fee - Unlimited Insights


Key Benefits of Clue for Small Businesses

Cost Savings

Clue’s affordable monthly subscription saves small businesses money compared to hiring a full-time lawyer for daily document reviews.

Efficient Document Review

Streamline document review processes with Clue’s intuitive platform, saving time and resources for small businesses.

Access to Legal Assistance

Gain access to legal expertise as needed without the overhead of employing a full-time lawyer, ensuring informed decision-making and compliance.

Customized Solutions

Clue offers tailored solutions designed to meet the unique needs of small businesses, providing seamless integration and maximum efficiency.

Impressive Words from Customers

“Clue has been a game-changer for our small business. Its affordable subscription saved us money, while its intuitive platform streamlined our document review process, saving us valuable time.”

- Florida Roofing

“Using Clue has been a wise investment for our small business. It’s like having a legal expert on standby. The platform’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness have transformed our operations.”

- Sportiello Real State

“Clue exceeded our expectations. Its tailored solutions perfectly fit our business needs, and its access to legal assistance has been invaluable. We highly recommend it to fellow small businesses.”

- Atlantic Builders

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